Our Philosophy

Our Mission

At Children’s Garden Learning Academy, we believe that each child is a unique individual capable of thriving when given the proper environment, adequate learning materials, and opportunities to build social skills with individual attention, as well as a chance to develop structure in a nurturing atmosphere.

girl flowerIt has been determined that the most active time of brain development occurs before age five. Strong neural connections formed during this essential time are established by every experience children have with their environment. The quality of those early interactions determines how well children will continue to learn and form relationships, which strongly influences their future success and happiness.

Research confirms that a focus on academic skills alone is not sufficient to ensure children’s success in school. They also need nurturing guidance and attention to every aspect of development in the early years so they can develop compassion, confidence, and a love of learning in addition to competence in reading and math. These capabilities are easy to take for granted, but they can make all the difference in how a child responds to school and life beyond the classroom.

Our experienced and qualified teachers create loving, supportive classroom environments to meet the needs of every child. We are focused on building each child’s emotional, social, cognitive and physical skills. Also, activities are adapted to meet the young child’s growing curiosity and language development is encouraged in an environment rich with music, books and conversation with the little ones.

As children become more independent, our programs promote daily experiences that stimulate thinking and promote feelings of respect for self and others in a diverse environment.  Ultimately, as each child grows at our center our lessons are tailored more toward academic skills.  We are committed to ensuring that each child has the readiness to enter elementary school.