Frequently Asked Questions

How will I know what’s happening during my child’s day?

At Children’s Garden Learning Academy, our parents are always welcome to visit or call during the day. When you pick up your child, you will receive a Daily Activity Report on your child’s day. Your child’s teacher will note how long your child napped, what portion of his/her lunch was eaten and how well he/she is doing with their potty-training.  Our teachers will also describe all of the fun activities in which your child and friends participated. In addition, there will be information about upcoming events or items needed from home.

What should I expect from my child during the first few days?

There is no way to know how your child will react to attending any child care center.  Each child responds differently in new situations. Therefore, we request that one parent make time to drop your child off earlier than normal or otherwise arrange to spend some time at the center for the first couple of days to help make your child’s transition easier. It is important to allow your child to adjust and become involved with their new surroundings and their teacher at a pace with which they are comfortable. Please feel free to call the center as often as you need to be assured that all is well!

May I visit my child during his day?

Absolutely!  Feel free to join your child at lunchtime, playtime, or anytime!

How flexible are the Children’s Garden Learning Academy programs?

You may choose the schedule that works best for you and your child.  Most children arrive at Children’s Garden Learning Academy by 10:00 am or make arrangements for a later time of their choosing.  In addition, Children’s Garden Learning Academy offers flexible schedules of as few as two or as many as five days a week.

How will I know that my child is safe while I am at work?

Children’s Garden Learning Academy is committed to the safety and security of the children and teachers in our school. In addition to the controlled-access entry system and our use of a closed-circuit camera system, Directors and staff provide the most effective means of security. Visitors are required to present identification and register in our Visitor Log. Alternate caregivers, authorized by children’s parents, must present identification.

Will my child be challenged academically at Children’s Garden Learning Academy? I want to know that he is prepared for elementary school.

Yes. At Children’s Garden Learning Academy we think the best academic preparation is to encourage your child’s enthusiasm for learning. Teachers who have a keen interest in your child’s success create lesson plans accordingly with monthly themes. By providing individual attention in a small group setting, our teachers work to nurture each child’s confidence. Learning to ask questions, discovering cause and effect, negotiating fair play and making new friends are all academic building blocks.

Do children go outside every day?

Children’s Garden Learning Academy’s playground is considered an extension of the classroom. In addition to running, jumping and climbing, teachers can be seen planning nature walks, picnics and other learning opportunities. Weather permitting, children play outside every day!